Founder Story

"More than ever, our approach to food is getting more conscious and cautious. The food we choose to eat are clean, healthy, organically grown, the list goes on. The same should apply when taking care of our skin. When we choose natural ingredients, we avoid harmful toxins that can build up in the body and on the skin." - Vivian, Butter & Me founder

Vivian’s passion for homemade self-care products has blossomed since 2013 and in her journey of seeking effective and natural solutions, she came across the rich benefits of shea butter. A source of soothing moisture and protection, shea butter works wonders on sensitive skin - a fact Vivian took note of in her quest to help out her husband’s eczema. She tried her hand in creating shea body butter that is just right and it worked! Her husband loves it. Vivian is continuing her success with shea butter by branching out in making soaps and other skincare products for her family. Experiencing firsthand the key ingredient of shea butter has inspired Vivian to share her creations with the world.

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