Milk for your skin!

Indulge in sweet coconut milk powder for soft skin!

This is not a chocolate!

Try our choco scrub bar for polished skin!
New! New! New!

gift box

The best way to gift! All goodies in just one box!

Minimalist Artisan Selfcare

One product for top-to-toe : our plant-based products are artisan-made with no more than ten ingredients.

\ 'les 'iz 'mor \

less is more

a minimalist approach to artistic matters is more effective.

Simple yet effective

We use 100% plant-based active ingredients in all of our products which can be used from top-to-toe.

Earth-friendly & Convenience

In line with our concept of minimalism, our products are a simplified plastic-free version that is travel-friendly as well.

We are here to help you declutter your personal care products, and get you started on a minimalist lifestyle.

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