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Butter Melt Lotion Bar

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Butter Spread Lip Balm

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Minimalist Artisan Selfcare

We are here to help you declutter your personal care products, and get you started on a minimalist lifestyle, by introducing our handmade bath & body products that are plastic-free, multipurpose, and all-natural.

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  • Handmade in USA

    Proudly made in the Rocky Mountain of USA.

  • woman & AAPI owned

    Woman & AAPI Owned

    small business.

  • Plastic-Free

    Doing our part to protect the mother Earth.

  • Clean Ingredients

    that are good for everyone.

Our promises

Zero Waste

We love the only Earth that we live on, so we try to protect her by only using recyclable and compostable packaging. Less burden on the Earth!


Plants have all the superpowers that are great for our skin. We use only high-quality plant-based ingredients in our formulations.


You will never find a synthetic ingredient on our list, because we love them all-natural. Since our products are all in solid shapes without water, there is no need to add synthetically made preservatives.

Less than 10 Ingredients

We try to keep everything minimal and simple, including our ingredients. There are no more than 10 ingredients in each of our products.


Just pop any of our products into your carry-on without worrying about the TSA liquid limitation, because all our products are in unique, solid shapes.

Cruelty Free

Animals are friends, not testing objects. We firmly say no to animal-testing and carefully vetted our suppliers for cruelty-free raw ingredients.