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Farewell to dry skin!

Let the sweet indulgence of Joyful Bath replenish moisture to your skin! Oatmeal powder and coconut milk powder are powerful skin soother and skin protector. Soak yourself in this milk bath to unwind the day! read more

The anti-inflammatory property of Shea butter in Butter Melt helps to soothe dry, itchy skin while restores hydration on your skin. The aroma therapy of essential oil blends also helps to calm your day! read more

Our Butter Spread is your lips' all-time favorite! It so moisturizing and smooth that heals dry, chapped lips in no time! read more 

Customer Reviews

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Exceeded my expectations!

Exceeded my expectations! I really cannot tell you how amazing all three of these products smell, and how incredible they feel. The butter melt is so luxurious, I used it to give a massage it was so amazing, not oily, but soothing and just perfect! The packaging is adorable too which doesn’t hurt. The lip balm is incredible. I would strongly suggest buying a natural lip balm like this! I see much better results with this on my lips than I do with a big box brand.

Absolutely love these items!

I received these gifted through a collaboration with join palm and it is easily one of the BEST things I have ever tried. And ya girl has tried a LOT of skincare things! The butter melt is absolutely dreamy. It lives up to its name by melting right into your skin and feels oh so luxe. Definitely recommend for any spots that are super dry! And the lip balm is the exact same way. It just melts into your lips and it has really helped fix my super chapped lips this winter!!!

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