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Butter & Me

Fresh Linen Glow Candle

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Clean | Floral | Light

Elevate your selfcare routine that goes beyond just skincare products. Let the power of scent revitalize your state of mind and comfort the soul. 

Featuring a custom in-house wax blend of coconut oil and candelilla wax, our Glow Candle is a hand-poured lamp-shaped candle perfectly sized to sit on your table. It’s an easy addition to your room decor, creating a stylish and more intimate atmosphere for your selfcare ritual. 

When lighted up, the Glow Candle gives a clean burn together with a flat-braided cotton wick. Specially designed to last longer than soy wax candles, the candle brings warmth to any atmosphere, lights up your day, and enlightens the soul. 

Set the mood for a cozy, luxurious ambiance and allow the soothing blend to lift the spirits and deliver a renewed sense of calm. 

Relax and let go with our Glow Candle that feels like a warm hug after a long day - you deserve it.


  • This candle is mainly  designed for decoration purposes.
  • If you decided to burn it, please always remember to burn your candle within sight and on a fireproof dish.
  • Keep lighted candles out of reach of children, pets, drafts, and flammable objects.


Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Cotton Wick, Essential Oil Infused Fragrance.

How to use

❶Place the candle on a fireproof dish to collect the melted wax.
❷When first lighting the candle, burn for 1 hour then extinguish it to let the wax cool down and harden to create candle tunneling.
❸Trim wick to 1/4 inch (if necessary) before relighting.
❹You may reuse the remainder in a wax melter.


Recyclable paperboard box + compostable tissue paper

When you choose Butter & Me,

you get all the nourishing power from natural sources created with an artisan touch, curated mindfully without the negative effects of harmful chemicals.

Reimagine Bodycare

Butter & Me creates unique and innovative bath & body products that bring fun moments to your bath/shower time, which also include all the good things - clean & vegan ingredients, travel-friendly, and most importantly they're plastic-free!

  • Handmade in USA

  • woman & AAPI owned

    Woman & AAPI Owned

  • Plastic-Free

  • Clean Ingredients