I’m obsessed with Pure Cleanse and it’s my favorite from the line. It cleans and leaves my skin soft, hydrated and never dry.
Michelle N. 
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This is a brand I can actually afford to fall in love with...I’m so glad I discovered them in time to fuel this new body care addiction! 
Frankie E.
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When I get out of the shower my husband immediately compliments how good I smell. It's so amazing, and it comes with that teeny confidence boost.
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Butter & Me bath products are a sensory journey into another world...Close your eyes and you are in a bathtub surrounded by the wilderness in the spring.
Samantha K.
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I love the scents, the naturalness, the simplicity, everything. My baths and showers to not feel complete without this stuff.
Starr K.
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It’s safe to say this brand’s products will be joining me pretty much every time I take a bath.
Ashlyn B.
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The skin glow oil and the pure cleanse body wash are exceptionally wonderful, the smell is calming and fresh and products themselves are rich and luxurious.
Harriot H.
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I couldn’t resist testing out the Dream Salt by Butter & Me. Packed with pink salt, lavender and geranium, these bath salts are the definition of relaxation.
Mary G.
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Sleepy face has found a new amazing Skin Care Line that is bringing her skin back to LIFE!!!!
Roberta S.
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