Founder Story


I have always been interested in homemade selfcare products and that interest has blossomed into something more passionate since 2013 when I was seeking out effective and natural solutions in helping out my husband, Yik who has eczema.

As I was being more mindful and discerning of the type of bath and body products I was using, I found out that there was a long list of ingredients in them that were just fillers and that only a very small percentage of active ingredient(s) were in them. It was a moment of self-realization; discovering that as a woman, I was using endless products targeting specific parts of my body and throwing away more plastic containers than I would care for.

I resolved to be better, do better, and that is why I embarked on embracing minimalism, particularly in my everyday lifestyle. Where I make it a personal goal to reduce the amount of products I use and to shift my focus to clean ingredients.

Starting butter & me is my way of sharing with you that minimalism can extend to how we take care of our body. I hope you'll join me on this journey, and together we can all be simply beautiful.

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