Brand Philosophy

The clean beauty movement has been going on for years ever since people started to pay attention to the skin products’ ingredients.

However, it just appeals to a very niche group of people. At butter & me, we strongly believe that everyone deserves clean beauty, and everybody should keep looking for the purest, most effective skin products that suit one’s lifestyle.  Therefore, our tagline - “Simple Ingredients, Beautiful Results” is meant to provide affordable skin products with the minimal number of high quality ingredients in each product, yet giving desirable results for glowing, healthy skin.


Knowledge is powerful, and so is nature. When it comes to truly enjoying cleaner, sustainable living, we want you to know that our products have no harmful chemicals: just nature. Our natural products are mostly derived from plants in its simplest form. These pure, plant-based ingredients contain simple but powerful substances, which have a long history of use since ancient times.


With today’s advancement in botanical science, our products deliver the full-body benefits of ingredients derived from true, natural sources. When you choose to use Butter & Me, you get all the healing powers from natural sources without the negative effects of harmful chemicals. In line with our philosophy of practicing sustainability, we use 100% post-consumer recycled content in our packaging. We are here to keep it natural and help you get started.



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