Butter Melt Lotion Bar FAQs

What is a lotion bar?

A lotion bar is designed to replaced regular liquid lotion. It is a rich and concentrated, you only need very little to moisturize your skin. Our lotion bar consists of at least 80% Kokum butter, a non-comedogenic butter that is more luxurious than Shea butter, along with other nutrient-rich liquid oils + plant wax for ultimate skin hydration. 

Liquid lotion mostly consists of water, and sometimes contains harmful preservatives because water-based product is a good home for microbial. Since lotion bar is free of water, therefore we do not need any preservatives. 

A lotion bar does not require to hold in a plastic bottle, which is better for the environment. Since it's solid, it is also carry-on friendly while you're travelling. 

Is Butter Melt Lotion Bar vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes! We use only high quality plant-based ingredients and never want to test on animals (because we love animals)!

Can I use Butter Melt Lotion Bar on hair and face too?

Absolutely! You can use our lotion bar on hair or face. Our lotion bar has the texture in between hair oil and hair wax